The men and women who join our team are the brave of heart. The ones who stare fearful moments in the face and choose courage, perseverance, and compassion. The ones who put others first and are willing to learn new skills and face new challenges. We are the ones who are dedicated in the face of trauma and danger.

We are the ones who give of our time and energy and ability to those around us. We are the ones committed to our team and our community. We are the ones who desire to protect, to serve, and to save.


Men and women that have a desire to be trained to fight fires
Men and women that are willing to volunteer at the fire house accomplishing administrative and day to day tasks
Men and women willing to volunteer to help us accomplish our goals in fundraising and local events

Join Our Team

Do you have a sense of adventure and a desire to give back to your local community?

Submission of this form does not guarantee you will be accepted as a member of the Volunteer Fire Team or for any other volunteer activities. To become a member of the Volunteer Fire Team you must be qualified and certified. Someone will contact with you shortly concerning this request.